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Hardwood Flooring with Dogs

Hardwood Flooring and Dogs – A Stylish Yet Practical Choice

At Flooring Direct of KC, we understand that combining style with functionality is crucial for homes with furry family members. When considering flooring options that both add value to your home and stand up to the pitter-patter of your pets’ paws, hardwood floors might be on your radar. But, is hardwood flooring a good option […]

Beautiful living room with hardwood flooring in Kansas City

The Value of Hardwood Floors: Insights in Kansas City

As Kansas City’s trusted source for flooring solutions, Flooring Direct of KC has witnessed the transformative power of hardwood floors in countless homes. The decision to install hardwood flooring is significant, touching on aspects of aesthetics, durability, maintenance, and return on investment. Through our years of experience, we’ve gathered insights to help you navigate this […]