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New Construction Hardwood Flooring

Flooring for New Home Construction

When it comes to new construction projects in Kansas City, selecting the right flooring is a crucial decision. The flooring sets the tone for the entire space and plays a significant role in the aesthetics, functionality, and durability of the property. At Flooring Direct of KC, we take pride in providing top-notch flooring solutions for both commercial and residential construction projects, ensuring that our clients receive exceptional quality and service every step of the way.

New Construction Flooring

In the realm of commercial construction, Flooring Direct of KC understands the unique requirements and challenges that businesses face. We offer a wide range of flooring options specifically designed for commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. Our extensive selection includes high-quality materials such as luxury vinyl, hardwood, carpet tiles, and ceramic tiles, each offering distinct advantages in terms of durability, maintenance, and style.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Commercial Construction Flooring

We work closely with business owners, contractors, and architects to deliver flooring solutions that align with their vision and project requirements. Our team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge of commercial flooring trends, installation techniques, and safety regulations, ensuring a seamless and professional installation process. With Flooring Direct of KC, commercial construction projects can achieve a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Residential Construction Flooring

For homeowners embarking on new construction projects, Flooring Direct of KC offers a wide array of flooring options to suit different tastes, lifestyles, and budgets. Our residential flooring collection encompasses various materials, styles, and colors, allowing homeowners to create personalized spaces that reflect their unique sense of style.

From elegant hardwood floors to cozy carpets, durable vinyl planks to stylish ceramic tiles, we have the perfect flooring solution for every room in your home. Our knowledgeable team can guide you through the selection process, helping you make informed decisions about the best flooring options for each area, taking into consideration factors such as foot traffic, moisture levels, and maintenance requirements.


New Construction Kitchen Flooring
Professional Flooring Solutions

Professional Installation Services

At Flooring Direct of KC, we believe that professional installation is key to achieving optimal results and ensuring the longevity of your new flooring. Our skilled and experienced installation team is trained to handle a wide range of flooring materials, guaranteeing precise and efficient installations every time.

We understand the importance of a well-executed installation process and take pride in delivering exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our installation services are prompt, reliable, and tailored to meet the specific needs of each construction project. Whether it’s a commercial space or a residential property, we go above and beyond to ensure that the flooring is installed correctly, creating a beautiful and long-lasting foundation for your space.

Flooring Solutions with Flooring Direct of KC

Choosing Flooring Direct of KC for your new construction flooring needs means gaining access to a comprehensive range of flooring solutions and expert guidance throughout the entire process. Our team is committed to delivering unparalleled customer service, taking the time to understand your vision, and providing personalized recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

With our vast selection of high-quality materials, professional installation services, and dedication to customer satisfaction, Flooring Direct of KC is the go-to source for new construction flooring in Kansas City. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and start transforming your construction project into a stunning space that exceeds expectations. We are serving you in Kansas City, MO, Kansas City, KS, Olathe, Overland Park, Shawnee, Liberty, Parkville, Lees Summit and all of the Kansas City Metro.



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