Vinyl Sheeting Styles


The many advantages of this material, including a large array of styles and colors, durability, and ease of maintenance and cleaning make it a very popular option for interior flooring solutions. It's resilience makes it an excellent solution for areas where there is a lot of activity, traffic and even exposure to moisture (like kitchens and baths). 

Sheet vinyl repels dirt and resists scuffing well. It also has moisture resistant properties, so it provides protection from spills and eash clean up. 

The variety of styles and colors makes vinyl sheeting an affordable option for many rooms in your home. 

Depending on what qualities matter most to you and your family, vinyl finishes can reflect the look at feel of natural woods, tile, and stone in highly realistic ways, without some of the downsides of other material, like the coldness of stone. You can experience superior style and comfort with vinyl.

It is easy to complement the decor of your home and/or rooms with a vinyl floor solution.

The final vinyl flooring that will be installed consists of a backing layer, a composite fiberboard base, and a printed or photographed pattern beneath a top layer of resin or melamine. For the purpose of the page, the term "style" refers to what people see, including color, shape and pattern (modular patterns can be created by combining different tiles to create a la floor or accent area unique to your home.

Vinyl Tile Styles
  1. Planks
  2. Tiles
  3. Wood looks
  4. Decorative borders
  5. Geometrics
  6. Tile and stone looks
  7. Grout or no grout 



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